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Unfortunately, addiction is a chronic condition that is hard to cure, only treated. Therefore, continued healing must always be a priority because it can always be a risk of relapse. A relapse may occur, but it isn’t a sign of failure or weakness. It’s possible to become sober again–it just means more specialized treatment is required. It is a force that takes hold no matter what your life circumstance. Addiction itself can cause someone to become a person who steals for more money or drugs, isn’t available to friends or family, or makes irresponsible choices that they wouldn’t have made otherwise.

You have a better understanding of what caused your addiction and you probably have more resources to make another try. It’s still a tough road but it’s one you’ve traveled before. This is a myth because all types of addiction are dangerous to a person’s mental and physical health regardless of the substance. It’s a harmful ideology because society encourages excessive alcohol consumption during social events. Prolonged alcohol abuse can lead to serious health complications, overdose, and even death in the same way that heroin or opioid addiction can.

Recognizing the Harmful Effects of Prescription Drugs

Our peer coaches help teach concerned loved ones how to positively impact their unwell loved one while avoiding detachment and confrontation. But it would be naive to say it is as easy as just recognizing the problem—and then putting a stop to it by seeking treatment. However, encouraging a loved one to seek treatment may give them the motivation they need. If they aren’t ready to begin treatment, at least they are aware of the option. Alcohol is acceptable and easily accessible; you could even say it is celebrated in American society. Millions partake in drinking as a social activity, and unfortunately this can be where alcohol addiction starts.

  • Some studies have found that the relapse rate for people trying to quit drinking is about 90 percent.
  • They can take positive action and will know how to prevent setbacks from leading to relapse.
  • Recovery needs understanding and support from individuals with addiction and their communities.
  • For the most part, people don’t want to lie so they typically omit or sidestep relevant information that they feel will get them judged or punished by their loved ones.
  • Addiction does not discriminate – and neither does recovery.

It often brings with it a sense of embarrassment, guilt, and self-blame. Though progress has been made, many still don’t seek help due to fear of judgment and being ostracized. Comprehending addiction as a disease can help by promoting empathy and acceptance. Healthcare professionals must create a safe place where people can talk about their struggles without shame or consequences. Residential treatment is often depicted as a kind of spa for rich people with substance use issues.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Whether you are contemplating this decision or it’s already been made, you should be proud of yourself for taking this important first step. Despite the fact that prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic proportions in the past decade, the use of “legal” drugs to get high carries less stigma than the use of illicit drugs. Brain imaging studies show that differences in the brain are both a cause and effect of addiction. Long before drugs enter the picture, there are neurobiological differences in people who become addicted compared to those who do not become addicted.

People are often hesitant to enter recovery because of some of the myths they’ve heard about recovery programs or myths about substance misuse itself. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably heard a lot about drug addiction, but you haven’t heard much about recovery programs or what happens to someone when they decide to fight their addiction. The cost of rehab with insurance can be much more affordable than paying on your own. Even if your insurance won’t cover drug rehab, some recovery centers offer financial aid or payment programs.

Maintenance & Relapse

Some may describe it as choosing drugs over something else, and if they really cared, they would just stop. There is a notion that a person with an addiction wants to live that life and chooses it over everything else. Recovery is a different experience for everyone and some people may find that their road to sobriety is more difficult than they imagined.

Dispelling Myths About Sex Addiction – Psychology Today

Dispelling Myths About Sex Addiction.

Posted: Mon, 23 Oct 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

It also gives you someone to turn to who understands what you’re dealing with and won’t judge you for it. In some cases, these symptoms can be so uncomfortable that a person will seek to return to their addiction simply to ease their pain. In other cases, if a person is going through withdrawal and experiences more severe symptoms such as a seizure, they are in danger of serious injury or death if they attempt to face this alone.

In this stage, the addicted person has realized a problem, which is hard to control. The addict may be open to some discussion about the consequences of the addiction but remain ambivalent about making a change. As a result, they move on to the next step or revert to the pre-contemplation stage.

  • Also, facing stigmas in face-to-face discussions is important for dispelling misconceptions about addiction.
  • Overcoming stereotypes connected to physical appearance and recognizing the gravity of alcoholism as a potentially fatal illness are critical steps to break stigma.
  • Addressing mental health and addiction is vital for many reasons.
  • A misconception about addiction is that it’s a choice, not the result of various factors.

After a person stops using, it takes time for their brain to begin making those “feel good” chemicals again. During this time, they may feel like they will never be happy again. We’ve all heard it, “but you didn’t go to jail, but you didn’t get a DUI, but you didn’t get in trouble!

Depression, anxiety, and psychosis can all develop as a result of misuse, and substances like alcohol are responsible for more deaths in the United States than almost anything else. Many people make assumptions about a person’s character or morality when they have an addiction. While it is true in some cases that a person may choose to experiment with a substance, it does not mean that they actively chose to struggle with addiction.

myths about addiction and recovery

In this section, we’ll uncover the various contributors to addiction and debunk common misconceptions. From the limitations of willpower to the universal impact of addiction on individuals from all walks of life, we’ll explore the reality behind this pervasive issue. Brace yourself for a revealing journey into the key factors that contribute to addiction. Addiction and recovery are topics that are often surrounded by many myths. These are false beliefs that may prevent individuals from seeking help or providing support.

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