Legal Questions Rap

Yo, yo, listen up, I got a legal rap
Gonna drop some knowledge, gonna fill up your cap
Let’s talk about federal district courts, what do they do?
Well, let me tell you, they handle cases, through and through
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All the ins and outs, and how they make the law flow

Next up, can married couples file taxes separately in Cali?
It’s a tricky question, but don’t you worry, I won’t lie
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Get the facts straight, and don’t be left in a foggy league

When it comes to work schedules, is there a law?
Well, you bet there is, don’t be left in awe
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Don’t let your boss take advantage, don’t let your spirit go low

Need a business law e-book, an essential guide?
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Agreement or contract, what’s the difference here?
Don’t be left confused, don’t be filled with fear
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Know your legal terms and don’t let anyone steer

Are blink cameras legal, can you use them right?
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Understand the laws, and don’t break them, just stay in line
Don’t let the fuzz catch you, or you’ll be doing some time

Is online poker legal in Pennsylvania, can you play a hand?
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Understand the rules, and play it safe, don’t get in a jam
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Need legal aid in Southport, for a helping hand?
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Want to buy out a business partner in the UK, what do you do?
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Do I have to pay tax in Spain, what’s the deal?
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Don’t let the Spanish taxman take a chunk, don’t let him chew